Valve Terminal System, MN3S0, MN4S0 series

Control two air operated valves with one station with the higher integrated and space saving series. A valve block compactly integrating two 3 port valves has been newly added to the series. A high integration, space saving 3 port valve block manifold which can control two air operated valves with one station, or 16 with eight stations, can be configured.

  • No dead space. One side solenoid type, 3 and 4 ports, reduced wiring manifold valve.
  • For space saving of device. Flat top 40 mm high, manifold pitch 11 mm
  • Flow rate up to 220 l/min.
  • Low wattage for energy saving. Power consumption 0.6 W.
  • Double 3 port valve is available.
  • CKD series MN4S0 valve terminals