Safety chucks

These safety chucks provide security during rewinding and unwinding operations. The locking device can only be opened, in order to take out the shaft when it is stationary at the top. Insertion is very easy via the oblique standing hand wheel. For simple applications these safety chucks constitute an extremely economical solution as bearings for expansion shafts. For more exacting requirements and higher rotation speeds the safety chucks can be delivered with replaceable VT-inserts. We are pleased to offer the optimum safety chucks/ expansion shaft combination for your particular application.

Accessories disconnecting winding shafts

  • reliable, secure and fast fitting winding shafts
  • for over 50 years, these products are used by customers in the textile, printing, paper, rubber and plastics industry
  • intended for mass roles to 64,000 kg
  • torques up to 41,000 Nm
  • tightest manufacturing tolerances, např.obvodové throwing less than 0.1 mm
  • Foot or flange design, the possibility of longitudinal and lateral adjustment
  • can be mounted on a vertical stand or swivel trays
  • casting the opotřebitelnými (VT) parts with different profiles, the purpose is quick and seamless exchange of low-cost
  • high-speed storage for up to 2500 min -1
  • The belt control unit on the basis of weight change wound material
  • fit can be equipped with a friction clutch or brake disc (0.1 to 3 kW), respectively. other components for automation
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