ACE gas spring

The ACE gas spring ranges includes push type and pull type (traction) gas springs all designed for the industrial environment.

ACE industrial gas springs are maintenance- free and self-contained. They are available with body diameters from 8 mm up to 70 mm, and forces from 10 N up to 13 000 N ex. stock. ACE gas springs offer a high service life with a hard ceramic coating on the piston rod. Also an integrated low friction bearing with grease chamber which provides a very low break away forces (GS-15 to GS-40). It allows them to be mounted in any orientation, although rod downwards is preferable if you want to take advantage of the built-in end position damping. The valve allows the force to be adjusted to your specific requirements. A wide variety of interchangeable end fittings makes installation easy and versatile. ACE gas springs are universally applicable wherever you have lifting and lowering. They remove the need for “muscle power” and provide controlled motion for lids, hoods, machine guards etc. The ACE selection software quickly specifies the correct gas spring for your individual application. ACE traction gas springs work in pull direction and are available with body diameters of 19 mm and 28 mm.

  • Ace gas spring


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