Wireless Interface

  • ezR44IN/W

Used to remotely control 1 or 2 wheels. Motorcontrol ensured by a command connected to the Wireless interface (display the battery level + system status).

Compatibility: Series 300, Series 10", Series 160 with wireless receiver

  • ezR160/W (avalaible on May 2014)

Used to remotely control the 160 series wheels.

Compatibility: ezR44IN/W

Wireless Hand Command

  • ezRTH/W

The mutlifunction tiller head ezRTH/W ensures a proper handling of equipments thanks to ergonomic shapes and well organised commands (display battery level + system status). For a safe action, stop button included in case of dangerous manipulation.

Compatibility: Series 300, Series 10", Series 160 with wireless receiver

  • ezRPP/W

Sensitive push bar: Wireless interface ensures a proper handling as well as a real sensation of effort control (display battery level + system status).

Compatibility: Series 300

Bidirectional Wire Command

  • ezAARmini

Finger size one axis joystock control. Speed control in both directions, forward and backward. It can be mounted on the end of a tube, or on a panel.

Compatibility: Series 160, ezR44IN/W

  • ezARH

Rotary handgrip controls the speed in both directions, forward and backward, with a progressivity depending how you manage the rotary command.

Compatibility: Series 160, ezR44IN/W

  • ezATH

This tiller head has the same function as the ezRTH/W but with wire.

Compatibility: Series 160, ezR44IN/W

  • ezATHmini

The reduced space requirement tiller head ezATHmini perfectly fits small size trolleys and fully matches with operator's habits. Equipped with a stop belly button, it is suitable for a safe operation.

Compatibility: Series 160, ezR44IN/W

Unidirectional Wire Command

  • ezAV

Throttle control, as coomonly found on electric bikes or scooters. Speed control in a single direction.


Compatibility: ezR44IN/W

  • ezAFP

Foot pedal

Compatibility: ezR44IN/W

  • ez-wheel-zubehoer-thumb

Drawings and 3D CAD Files

  • ezR44IN      pdf | step
  • ezRTH                 step
  • ezARH         pdf | step
  • ezAFP               | step
  • ezATHmini         | step